Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Our Wedding Doodle

We displayed this at our wedding receptions on the table where people signed in. I also made thank you cards out of photocopies. It is currently hanging on our first floor.

Jamie's Mom

This was done for a client...I don't think I have ever done one for my mom! Mom, do you want one?

Monday, May 11, 2009


I made this for a friend as a wedding gift.

emily + steve

This was a wedding gift for my sister about 8 years ago. I love its simplicity.
(the color is a bit off in this reproduction...the sky is actually blue:)

into the archives...

I made this one for my dad a long time ago.


I did this one in 2001 as a gift for a friend and co-worker.

Our Christmas Card in 2004

Our 2004 highlights...we sent these out as our Christmas cards.

A long time ago....

This was a gift that I made for my roommate as a gift for her dad:)


I experimented with doing a computerized doodle, but I didn't like it as well so this will remain the first and last one:) (This was done 7+ years ago)


I did this Doodle for my brother Paul back in 1995.


This was the first ever BabyDoodle made especially for my awesome friend Mindy:)

J + P

This Custom WeddingDoodle was a gift for one of my former roommates.

Vanz + Holly

This custom AnniversaryDoodle was done for a client.

Jamie + Val

This is not a great reproduction. It is a Custom WeddingDoodle I did over 7 years ago for a co-worker of mine back in my ICON days. It was a BIG hit at her bridal shower.

Missionary Doodle

This is one of my favorite Doodles ever. I love it because I served in this mission as well and it brings back so many great memories...dogs on rooftops, entire families riding on teeny tiny mopeds, and so much more. Strangely enough this is the only MissionaryDoodle I have ever done. After this picture was taken the names of the people this Elder baptized while serving a mission were written into the grapes. The names of each of his companions are written by the stick figures standing on the mountain.

This is a custom MissionaryDoodle.

Bogren Christmas

Template Christmas Doodle that was made into a Christmas card back in '04.

Kacie + Sam

I think this is my most detailed Doodle to date. Made with love for my brother and his wife. I actually wasn't happy with how the names in the middle turned out on the original (I went overboard) so I scanned in the original and photoshoped out the part that was messed up and replaced it with computer generated letters and then printed out the final piece.

This is a custom WeddingDoodle.

Miss Rachel

Happy Birthday to my sweet niece!
This is a custom Birthday Doodle